Friday, August 19, 2005

Hello blogosphere!

Some of you might remember my old website, also called A Trailer Full of Tunes. It lived on the Hampshire College faculty/staff server. I put it up in 1996 after teaching myself html. I was righteously opposed to WYSIWYG programs back then, and virtuous about writing my own code in my Unix shell. But that was a lot of work, and the trailer fell into disrepair over the past few years. Its life is now about to come to an end, with Hampshire set to pull the plug on my account any day now.

But rising like a phoenix from the ashes is the newly-created blog version of the trailer. The blog will feature the same sorts of things: politics, music, movies, art, travelogues, links to interesting sites, etc. I may even be inspired to republish some of the best of the old trailer, like the story of the road trip to the twineball, if there's sufficient interest and if a long, cold winter keeps me indoors with time on my hands. Or perhaps I'll have some new adventures to write about. Stay tuned.


  1. Congrats on the new blog! I am tempted to join you in the blogosphere, but I will be a lurker for a bit longer...You are always the trailblazer!

  2. inspirational... i totally want a blog now! rahul says no! no blog for anju. he says that i already have an addiction with the computer, and that if i do get a blog, we would never see each other. i don't agree. besides, mj, i don't have all this other cool stuff to share with folks, you are sooo very cool, so cultured, so kitch. i just knit, my blog would be so boring, and who would really care about what i think? am i blogging right now? love you mj!