Wednesday, June 21, 2006

500 Hits!

I've been on Flickr for almost five months now, and as of today my photostream has been viewed 500 times. The picture with the most views is the one of the factory wall (see 3/13/2006 post below) with 51 hits. This picture of the stairs at the end of Green Street is currently in second place with 26 hits. All of this is small potatoes compared to some people on Flickr, but I'm pretty pleased with myself. I now belong to 10 groups, including ones for Mini Coopers, Roadside America, Found Art Still Life, Northampton, Pioneer Valley, flea markets and factories. I even have a few Flickr contacts who, in addition to my pals who are compelled to say nice things, have left complimentary comments on a few of my pix. Much as I hate to admit it (see previous rant), I am participating in social networking of a sort. But it's for art's sake.

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