Monday, August 14, 2006

Another Protocol

In Spooner's screed (see comments to post below), he neglected to mention one of the important MINI protocols: MINI drivers wave to each other. This protocol isn't universally followed, but MINI and I have several pals with whom we always exchange waves: the cute red MINI with white bonnet stripes in So. Hadley, the aqua Cooper S with black top in Noho, and the other purple-blue MINI with white top (no sun roof like mine) in Florence. I always wave to the lime green MINI grease car (I think it lives in Leeds), but it doesn't wave back (yet). I'm not sure if this is a Happy Valley protocol, a MINI-USA one, or what. I'll bet MINIs in the UK don't wave at each other. The Brits would probably be unnerved by that. I'll research this when I'm over there in the fall.


  1. There are many protocols for waving in Texas. If you are driving a pick up truck on a country road, you wave to all other pickups. If you drive by a cop in your neighborhood, you are supposed to wave. If I am walking in my neighborhood, drivers who pass me are supposed to wave to me and I am supposed to wave back. If I pass another person on foot or bike we have to go the extra step and verbally acknowledge each other. I hate that.

  2. There's a whole marketing/usability post on the very topic of MINI owners and "the nod."

    It's a phenom! Can I tell you how badly I want to MINI greasecar? Damn that's cool.