Saturday, October 13, 2007

Planning London

I think I've done just about all the planning I can do. This year, I know to have an indoor alternative in every area I plan to explore, because it's inevitable that rain will fall. I've got lots of cool stuff planned:

  • Kew Gardens (big exhibit of Henry Moore sculpture there)
  • Columbia Road Flower Market, an exploration of Shoreditch street art, possibly the Dennis Severs house, and on down to the Docklands with Spooner
  • Kensington, the V&A, perhaps a visit to Harrod's to see the Di and Dodi shrine
  • Various galleries in Central London
  • A very long walk through the City
  • Southbank, the Hayward Gallery and the Tate Modern
  • Day trip to Winchester or Dover
On some of these days, I'm hoping various Flickr mates will be joining me. I've planned a mini meetup for a small group of them at a pub in Waterloo one evening. Spooner and I may go to theatre one night, or to see the movie "When Did You Last See Your Father?" that we saw being filmed in Brighton last year (it's just opened in the UK).

Tales of the adventures will follow.

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