Saturday, March 22, 2008

Searching for Signs of Spring: A Peep Adventure

Like a Peep on a wire. The Peeps return to New England.

Mountains of dirty snow begin to melt. On nice days, the Peeps can motor with the top down as they look for signs of spring.

Enormous potholes open up in the roads. The Peeps nearly drove into this one. Thank goodness they always brake for dinos.

The fields flood, and mud is everywhere. That's why we call it Mud Season. The Peeps decided it's better to travel by boat than by car.

At last, the Peeps and their friend Mr. Fez find a cheery sign of spring. When the crocuses emerge, spring can't be far away!


  1. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Happy Easter.

  2. A wonderful tale of intrepid Peeps! A fabulous photo essay!

  3. Is that a vintage Marx t-rex they're breaking for? I didn't know those things live in potholes. You learn something new everyday.

  4. Wonderful post and photos!!!!