Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Sea and the Gloatfest

On Monday, two of my Flickr mates took me on a great daytrip to Whitstable, a little seaside town in Kent. It's just the sort of place where I could imagine Mr. Peggotty, Ham and Little Emily living in their overturned-boat-turned-house, although I think they lived in Yarmouth. It was really fun -- great company, and nice to be in a place where the scale of things is smaller than in London.

The three of us happily wandered about with our cameras, pointing at the sea, rocks, beach huts, birds, and boats. I took dozens of photos and will add more to my Flickr photostream when I get a chance to sort them out.

Yesterday, I walked through Southwark and went to the Imperial War Museum in the morning (there was a roiling sea of school groups in the museum, so I didn't stay long, but did go through an exhibit about the WWII experience of children in Britain), bought knitting needles at I Knit in Lower Marsh Street, met a Flickr mate and a Ravelry mate for lunch, and looked for Donna Leon books for rosenbeans at the book stalls under Waterloo Bridge (sorry, no luck). After that, a group of six of us did our volunteer work at Southbank Mosaics. I don't have any photos of that
, but I will write more about it later (here's one of my mates' photos of me working on one of the Blake mosaics:

Then, it was on to the Royal Festival Hall for the Guess Where London meetup, a.k.a. Gloatfest, in the bar. It was so nice to see people I'd met last autumn again, and to meet more of the group.

Today is my last day of exploring, and I haven't yet decided what I'm going to do. Time to check the weather forecast and make a plan.


  1. ScribeGirl7:10 AM

    Can't wait to see pix. Sounds like you are having a great time. How is Spooner. ScribeGirl is doing much scribing -- writing text for honorary degree citations -- Mary T. will freak, as we have 7 to be done by May 7. Heard from Freda that her mother died -- same age as my dad! -- calling hours today (Weds.) and funeral tomorrow (not going). Daffodils at The Mill are glorious. I put my rocking chairs on the front porch. Come over for a pint and a chat about your Grand Tour!

  2. Maggie7:13 AM

    She had trouble reading "the letters as they are shown in the image," so I am typing Maggie's greeting:
    Pip pip! Cheerio! Blimey!