Sunday, September 20, 2009


My back, legs and energy level had been holding up really well until mid-day yesterday when I hit the wall. My back was sore and I was having trouble putting one foot in front of another, so we cut out 2/3 of the Open House plan, added a mission to the outdoor outfitter store in Covent Garden so that Spooner could get some things he needed for his trip to Scotland with a bunch of teens, and made it a shorter day. Here are the Open House venues we did see:

  • St Martin's Gospel Oak
  • Little Green Street
  • Cecil Sharp House (HQ of the English Folk Dance & Song Society)
  • Jestico & Whiles (an architecture firm)
  • Alexandra Road housing (the last large social housing estate built in London; the queue was long, so we didn't go in the flat but did walk through the estate)
We stopped for a pint at the Washington (Spooner's local), had dinner at the flat and then went to the Comedy Theatre to see Prick Up Your Ears, which was good but wasn't really a comedy.

After a long soak in Spooner's lovely tub, I feel ready to tackle Open House again today.

Distance covered: 22,386 steps (9.18 miles)
60p roll
£2.74 sandwich and bevvie at Fresh and Wild
£2.90 pint of Fuller's London Pride
£1 another beverage

1 comment:

  1. Well, if not a comedy, at least "darkly funny." Your Open House itinerary looks quiet satisfactory.

    It is a superb warm, sunny, lazy late-summer-in-New-England Sunday, and I am enjoying not doing much of anything -- in contrast to your industry!