Sunday, October 17, 2010

Art on walls, in the park and on the street

My last day in London was just as full of adventures as the first. I'm now rushing around to pack and leave for Heathrow, so this post will be a short one. Here's a recap of what Spooner and I did on Saturday:
  • Saw Shadow Catchers at the V&A. Really fascinating stuff -- beautiful, mysterious and haunting photographs made without the use of cameras.
  • Met up with Malcolm in the Madejski Garden, walked up Exhibition Road and into Kensington Gardens to see the Serpentine Pavilion and the four reflective sculptures by Anish Kapoor that are sited on the lawns and in the water.
  • Took the tube to Liverpool Street, walked up to Great Eastern Street, and saw the Moniker International Art Fair at Village Underground. My favorite piece in the show is by a streetartist named Boxi, who I'd never seen before. Spooner heard from one of the gallery staff that Boxi was working on something out on the street, and, as luck would have it, we walked right past it on our way to Old Street. Boxi was putting the final touches on the work (photo above), which is quite stunning.
So, this brings me to the end of my 2010 trip to London and Liverpool. It's been utterly fab, filled as always with new adventures and wonderful mates with whom to explore the city streets, art and history.

It's been good to have my netbook with me, as it's made my blogging easier and I've had access to all my stuff in Google docs, etc. Each night, I've dumped the day's photos from my memory card onto the netbook to take a look at them. I've realized that this computer doesn't have good resolution for editing photos, however. They seem a bit blurry and pixely to me, so I'll wait to get home and put them on my desktop computer before fine tuning them. I think there's a metaphor in there somewhere. Right now, my whole trip is a bit of a blur, with images and recollections running around in my head in a disjointed way. When I get home, I think that things will come into better focus as I really examine the photos from each day and the memories of my friends and my adventures.

Distance: 16,341 steps (6.7 miles)

  • £5 for Shadow Catchers exhibition at the V&A
  • £3 for chicken and veg pasty at Liverpool Street Station
  • £1.23 for Hobnobs to take home
  • £15 to Spooner for food and booze


  1. Sounds like another great trip! Safe travels home!

  2. Boxi work looks amazing. Envious of cool photo stuff you saw. And sounds like sympatico time with Spooner and other mates. Are you booking for summer or fall 2011 yet? Hope you have a smooth return and can rest up as much as possible before returning to MoHo. Looking forward to parade o' pix on Flickr.

  3. I caught a photo (in poorer light) when Boxi was preparing the stencil for this figure. I didn't want to interrupt as I think it needed quite a bit of concentration.

    It's good that you love London so much!

  4. Enjoyed catching up with your London adventures. Hope you had a good trip home.

  5. Missing you already!