Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday in Bermondsey, and Summing Up

My last day in Blighty was a bit slower than previous days, but no less interesting as I explored another area I didn't know very well. We set out to do the first half of the Bermondsey walk in London's Hidden Walks v. 2, starting at London Bridge Station and ending at the Angel public house on the Thames. Spooner snapped a lot of photos, so I might be able to post a couple of those later. Cameraless, I was happy just to take in the sights: 17th century houses, old warehouses used when Bermondsey was the hub of the leather trade in England, the Time and Talents Settlement House, and St Saviour's Dock (formerly a squalid area in which Dickens set Bill Sikes' death). 

Along the way, we made a couple of stops for art, refreshment and use of the loo. Our first stop was at the White Cube gallery to see a massive exhibition by Gilbert & George called Scapegoating Pictures for London, which we both enjoyed a lot. You can see some of the works here and read a review here

We next headed to Maltby Street Market, where we each got something to eat from the vendors and shared a large bottle of Spanish cider in a tapas bar. The market is small -- located in a ropewalk next to the arches under the railroad tracks -- but is packed with great food. 

Afterwards, we headed north to the river, walking east along the Thames Path to the Angel pub, which is along Bermondsey Wall East but is actually in Rotherhithe. It was a beautiful day to stand along the wall, look out at the Thames (and consume more beverages). We were a bit disappointed that none of the tall ships that were down in Greenwich over the weekend sailed past us up to Tower Bridge, but that didn't stop us enjoying the sunshine and the river. The tide was pretty well out, so we went down the slippery old stairs to the foreshore and did a bit of mudlarking. We didn't find any treasures, but I came home with a bag of clay pipe and pottery bits. 

£2.50 for spinach croissant at Maltby Street Market
£2 for 1/2 pint of bitter at the Angel
£2.40 for 2 packages of Hobnobs to bring home
£5 to top up Oyster card for journey to Heathrow on Monday 

15,011 steps, 5.92 miles


I was out the door early Monday morning for the long (15 hour) journey home.

30p to use the loo at Paddington Station
$77 for parking at the Massport lot in Framingham
$2.45 toll on the Mass Pike

7581 steps, 2.99 miles

£5 remaining on my Oyster card (the 7-day travel card save me a lot of money)
630 photos taken before my camera died
74.24 miles walked

It was another fabulous visit, and I really appreciate the hospitality of my host Spooner and the friendship of all my mates with whom I had adventures and meetups.  Until next year!

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  1. I told you on the phone what my comments were to have been here, except for my PS: "auto correct" doesn't like 30p or mudlarking, and even tried to change "suck," as in, "does the mud suck the wellies off your feet?", to "such," in some attempt to prevent impropriety, perhaps.