Monday, February 27, 2006

The Internet Wayback Machine

Remember Mr. Peabody, his Wayback Machine and his boy Sherman on The Bullwinkle Show? Mr. Peabody invented a time machine, and he and Sherman would travel backwards for historical adventures. Now the web has The Internet Wayback Machine. This is the front-end to an archives of zillions of pages that are no longer shown on the web. I did a search for my old site that used to be on the Hampshire College server (Hampshire deleted my webspace when I stopped working there). The old site is in the archives! Not all of the pictures are there, but the text is, so the story of my roadtrip to see the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota lives on. One photo that wouldn't load is the one of the larger-than-life chicken somewhere west of Minneapolis -- that's the photo I use in my profile on my Frappr map, which at the moment looks like I have no pals so you all should add yourselves pronto.

A possible downside to the Wayback Machine for all you LiveJournalers -- that trashy stuff you post may live forever in Cyberspace.

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