Sunday, February 05, 2006


I only had a little bit of time this weekend to play around with the camera, in between two loads of laundry and meeting pals to see Match Point (which was great, BTW). I'm using Picasa to organize and edit photos (I'm not really thrilled with the software that comes with the Canon camera). On this photo, I tried experimenting with the color saturation and a couple other effects. I've started a photo page on Flickr called A Trailer Full of Pix and have put a few things up this week. I'm just trying Flickr out for a while, so I've got a free account with limited space, i.e. there's a 20MB monthly allotment of bandwidth and I've already used 55% of it this month. So, I'll probably wait till the end of February to decide if I have any more pix that are Flickr-worthy.

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