Friday, April 14, 2006

I need some new pals

Don't get me wrong -- my current pals are swell. I have a small cadre of all-purpose pals, and then there several music listening pals, flea market shopping pals, knitting pals, and reproductive rights activist pals. But I don't have a group of photo pals. SBSB and I took the digicam class together recently, and we've been thinking that we'd like to find 4-6 other people to go with us on photo shoot adventures every so often. The group could pick a western Mass scenic destination for each outing, and then we could look at each other's photos afterwards and give feedback and advice. I'm imagining that the group would probably be mostly women, but we would invite Spooner to come along when he's stateside. One other pal who is more novice than SBSB and me has said she might be interested. We need to find a few more people, and it would be great to include a couple of digital photo mavens who don't mind traipsing around with a bunch of newbies. Let me know if you're interested.

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  1. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Hi M.J.,

    I was just thinking about getting a new digicam, as my boyfriend (Tim) doesn't have one, and we're going to want to (try to) take some really nice pictures this summer when we go to Australia. I think your idea for a photo group is really cool, and we'd definitely be interested in doing something like that.