Monday, December 04, 2006

Season's Greetings

What with Thanksgiving being earlier this year, the xmas decorations were up in Florence before one single flake had flown. I've been a busy little elf the past week or so, working on this year's crafty gifts for my pals. Can't give any clues or post any pix because the recipients may be reading my blog, but suffice to say that my fingers have been flying.

Season's Greetings, originally uploaded by trailerfullofpix.


  1. is it a creche scene? Truly worthy of a trailer!

  2. Anonymous8:35 AM

    For a minute there, I thought you had done some decorating at home!!!

  3. Actually, I DID do a wee bit of decorating. I got out my log Rudolf with red lightbulb nose (purchased at the flea market for $1; his antlers were missing, so I made some out of metalic gold pipe cleaners). I'll try to get a good picture of him to post.