Saturday, December 30, 2006

Elvis, Rudolph & the Xmas Cat

See, I did do some holiday decorating! It took me a bit to get these pix uploaded because I've been laid low with a stomach bug for the past couple days. Before I got this nasty little virus, I also managed to get all holiday gifties finished and wrapped, although not entirely distributed. But I forgot to take photos of my creations before wrapping them. I'll just have to snap the lucky recipients wearing their swell gifties.

Excellent stuff arrived from Spooner today! A hefty box contained McVities HobNobs and Ginger Nuts (biscuits from the UK), some Pope John Paul junk he picked up in Italy, two Jesus shot glasses, a book of London street art, and -- from his recent visit to the Reagan presidential library in sunny southern California -- a Ronnie Raygun pencil and a postcard of all the living first ladies. Cool! Apparently his brother lost the package of gifties I sent him. If it ever surfaces, he'll see that we were thinking along similar lines in choosing meaningful items to give each other this year (hint: Jesus and writing implements).

Happy new year, y'all!


  1. Update: Spooner's brother found the package, a little dirty but intact. Spooner loves his "Looking Good for Jesus" lip balm.

  2. i want to see pics of your crafties!

    Happy New Year!