Sunday, January 07, 2007


One of my loyal readers (of the four or so that I have) has requested pix of the xmas crafts. Here they are:

This is Erin wearing her lime green, vegan zig zag scarf. The yarn is Feza Carnevale, which was a bit of a pain to work with because the fuzzy bits obscured the adjacent stitches and I often dropped them. But the results are quite nice -- soft, warm and a bit stretchy, with a hint of shimmery stuff. We decided that lime is the new black.

Velvet bag with milagros. This is the one I made for JJ -- it has milagros that are significant to her (cat and fish) on it. The one I made for ST has a bird and an ear. The arms, legs and donkeys may become significant at some point -- you never know. Spooner brought the milagros back from Mexico last summer. I'm now out of them, except for babies, pigs and praying figures, so I'll need to have a pal fetch me some more from south of the border.


  1. Very nice, MJ! There is a vague chance that we'll slip below the border on our way out - I'll look for some of that stuff for you if we do.

  2. wow- i feel like a true celeb now that i've appeared in trailer full of tunes! thanks M.J. for the terrific giftie. it's so soft and cozy!

  3. I love the zig zag scarf pattern, and I think Erin better look into getting an agent. As for the "arm" and "leg" symbols, I think they are talismans against falling down the stairs and injuring leg and arm, as I did over the Xmas holiday -- so as not to repeat. The Donkey, obviously, is for the ascendency of the Democratic Party. If I had a blog, I would post a photo for you to see how my bag matches my velvet dress-up blazer.But enough about me and my faboulous present. I think the craftswoman did a superb job in the gift-giving department this year.

  4. Those are superfantastic! I lurve the zigzag scarf - thanks for indulging my request!